Saturday, 13 June 2020

Children of Lir Audiobook Cast

Some extremely exciting news to share. I'm currently working with a group of incredibly talented voice over artists to create an audio version of my latest release, The Children of Lir.

This is a long-term project as The Children of Lir consists of sixteen characters in total.  It's an epic retelling of an ancient Irish legend about children who were turned to swans for 900 years by a wicked stepmother. The story is mainly told through the eyes of two of the children, Fionnuala and Aodh, with other characters weaving in and out to add detail along the way.

We've just laid down the first track, which is Trisha Barry reading Sister Cecilia.

Casting is an ongoing process, but I'll update the cast list below as the contracts are signed. It's really amazing to be working with so many extremely talented people and learning so much about audiobook production. Hopefully it will prove helpful as I continue my own recording journey with The Tangled Forest.

The cast is listed in order of appearance:

Jacqueline Duff - Fionnuala

Jaqueline Duff is the ‘Female Voiceover Artist of the Year’ & ‘Radio Promo Best Performance’ nominee in the One Voice Awards 2020. She usually VOs in English, but her mother is from Southern Ireland so she slips into the accent perfectly. You can find her via her website, Twitter and Instagram.
Ethan Kelley - Aodh

Ethan trained at East 15 acting school. He has narrated Her Last Secret by P. L. Kane and My Hero Theo by Gareth Greaves. He is new to the voice over industry and very excited to continue telling vibrant and engaging stories. He can be found on Twitter and IMDB.
Jessie Magee - Sorcha

Jessica is a writer and voiceover actor living in Dublin. Her VO career began aged eight, recording fake radio shows on cassette with her little brother. She worked as a print and broadcast journalist for twenty years before coming back to doing funny voices in front of the mic. Her first poetry collection will be published in 2021. While recording this audiobook, Jessie holidayed on a farm on Lough Ree, near where the Children of Lir were turned into swans. You can find her via LinkedIn.
George Weightman - Aibric

George Weightman trained in Drama & Theatre Studies at the University of Kent and in Acting at the Moscow School of Art. He has appeared in the feature films Eastern Front: Point of No Return, Acceptable Damage and We Still Kill The Old Way, and in Doctors for the BBC. He provides the voice of Obelix in the Asterix & Obelix: The Crystal Menhir game. You can find himon IMDB and Instagram.
Trisha Barry - Sister Cecilia

A native of Waterford, Ireland, Trisha Barry is a voiceover actor with a background in teaching and a lifelong love of theatre and storytelling. Trisha relocated to Minneapolis in 1995 and now brings stories to life behind the mic!  When she’s not recording, she enjoys travelling, reading, walking… and spending time with family and friends. You can find Trisha via her website, Facebook and Twitter.

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